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10 kitchen ideas you’ll want to try

By Anthony Hartshorn

The old adage of the kitchen being the heart of the home still holds true today.

It’s one of the key features that we look for when searching for property and it’s often top of the list for updates that will make a huge impact to how a home is lived in and enjoyed.

Here are 10 ideas you’ll want to try in your kitchen.

The kitchen bench

This is a cornerstone of your kitchen (excuse the pun) and really is a make or break element of your kitchen design.

Modern designs have a more square-edge, so if your budget allows look for this in a stone finish. If you’re on a tighter budget you can look at going for a mix of materials where you use a lower cost material such as laminate on the bulk of your bench tops and choose a more quality material as a feature in a prominent place.

There are also great re-surfacing products and services on the market that will give your kitchen a fresh look for a much more budget friendly price.

Island bench

With today’s open plan living style on most people’s wish lists, an island bench is a key component to having clear zones in an otherwise open room.

For those who have a smaller space to work with there are still options that will allow you to achieve this look.

Source: Pinterest

Rather than having a fixed island bench, opt for one that’s on castor wheels and can be easily moved as needed. A smaller, more budget friendly option for those with limited space is to get a butchers block kitchen trolley. There are a range of styles and sizes available which will suit any size kitchen.

Island bench storage

If you’ve managed to get the full island bench into your kitchen space, consider the best way to use it. There are some clever ways to integrate storage into your island bench.

Consider adding drawers to the ends of the bench for added storage or even incorporating bar fridges or freezers into this area.

Sliding pantry

Thinking that since you have an old kitchen with a pantry already in place that this one isn’t for you? Think again. It can be as simple as removing the existing shelves and fixing some drawers in their place.

Latest colour trends

Whilst there is unlikely to be anyone who’d want to go to the effort of re-doing their kitchen each year in line with the latest colour trend, using accessories is often more than enough to achieve the latest look without the cost and effort.

Think of changing key pieces in the room such as the fruit bowl, a vase or even the kettle and toaster to bring in a pop of the latest on-trend colour.

Clever storage ideas

You don’t always have to stick to conventional ways of storing your kitchen items and in fact there are a number of clever ideas out there these days to make your life easier.

Try this sliding pot rack to save yourself from banging around in the pot cupboard to get to the size you need.

Or how about this idea for a cutlery drawer?

If you’re into baking, this idea will be on your must-try list for sure.

This idea is sure to clean up the miscellaneous drawer that holds all of the random tools needed in the kitchen that just don’t seem to fit anywhere else.

Kitchen blackboard

We can all use a little more organisation in our lives. Why not turn an empty wall into a blackboard using blackboard paint. You can even place a frame around it once dry to have a tidier finish if that’s your décor style. Use it for family messages, this week’s menu, the weekly schedule or even just for motivational quotes to pep you up in the morning.

Corner drawers

How much do you hate having to dig into the far ends of those corner cupboards where half your body ends up inside?  Drawers are the perfect answer. Yes they look a little unconventional and will have some interesting corners to try and fill but you will be able to reach everything that goes into them.

Herb garden

Why not have the herbs where you need them, in the kitchen.

Whether you want to keep it on a small scale or go all out and make a vertical garden on your kitchen wall, there is an option for all sizes and spaces.

Incorporate some edible greenery in pots along the window sill as a start to see how much you use them and upsize from there.

De-clutter kitchen benches

Whilst it’s not always possible to hide away all of the items on your kitchen benches due to lack of storage, hiding away appliances in cupboards can go a long way to making your kitchen look more spacious with generous bench tops.

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